Chemical Treatment

Depending on the mineral mined‚ various chemicals can be added to remove contamination from the desired mineral. An example of this is sulfuric acid addition within a gold mine. This process typically occurs within the treatment plant or station. The chemicals used for treatment vary greatly and operators or designers should consult the manufacturer to make sure that the pump and all components are compatible with the pumped liquid.

CIRCOR‚ through the Allweiler brand‚ offers centrifugal pumps according the DIN standards. When choosing a centrifugal pump‚ operators and engineers should take note of the pressure or head‚ viscosity‚ flow rate as well as the NPSHr. In a centrifugal pump‚ NPSHr varies as a function of flow‚ which is determined by pressure.

External Gear:

Brand/Series Max Flow Rate Max Discharge
Pressure (PSI)
Max Discharge
Pressure (Bar)
B-9000 Up to 27‚000 cc/min 1‚000 70 Made with 400 Stainless Steel
C-9000 Up to 9‚000 cc/min 2‚500 175 Made with Tool Steel
H-9000 Up to 9‚000 cc/min 1‚000 70 Made with 316 Stainless Steel


Series Max Flow Rate Max Delivered
Max Pressure Max Fluid
Rated output
according to
ALLMag 80 m3/h 55m 16 bar 150C DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
CNH-M 650 m3/h 145m 25 bar 170C DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
ALLCHEM CNH-B 1‚200 m3/h 147m 25 bar 350C DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
ALLHeat-CTWH 1‚450 m3/h 100m 25 bar 400C DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
ALLCHEM-CNB 240 m3/h 100m 25 bar 160C DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858
ALLCHEM-CNI 105 m3/h 60m 25 bar 160C DIN EN 22858/ISO 2858


Series Max Flow Rate Max Delivered Heat Max Pressure Max Fluid Temperature Comments
50‚000 m3/h 12m 6 bar 200C  
Additional Information: Product Warehouse

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