Waste Treatment

The processing of plant waste or treatment is a critical function within in some types of mining plant. When designing your waste treatment you will need to consider such factors as the percent solids content‚ chemical composition‚ flow rates and abrasives. In a mining application‚ this can include slurries or other waste streams.

The CIRCOR Allweiler branded progressing cavity (also known as mono screw or eccentric screw) pumps are commonly used in this application. The design and operational principles of the progressing cavity pump lends itself to pumping liquids with high solids content. Moreover‚ the removable stator design facilitates ease of maintenance and minimizes downtime.

The progressing cavity pumps promoted by CIRCOR feature an equal wall stator design. An equal wall design provides lower starting and operating torque reducing power consumption and noise of operation. Moreover‚ it offers a more stable flow and higher pressure capabilities versus the unequal walled counterparts.

Brand/Series Max Flow Rate
Max Flow Rate
Max Discharge
Pressure PSIG
Max Discharge
Pressure Bar
Allweiler ADP/ADBP 3 10 169 12  
Allweiler ANP/ANBP 11 42 226 16  
Allweiler AFP 12 47 85 6 Vertical configuration
Allweiler AE.N-RG 132 500 282 20 Double feeding screw
Allweiler SEFBP 177 670 141 10 Vertical configuration
Allweiler AEB.H.ZE 198 750 338 24 Single feeding screw
Allweiler AE.H-RG 449 1‚700 508 36 Single feeding screw
Allweiler SETP 621 2‚350 141 10 Vertical configuration
Allweiler AEB.E-IE 766 2‚900 226 16  
Allweiler AE.H-ID 766 2‚900 353 25  

CIRCOR also offers the Allweiler branded Alldur stator. This stator design offers up to 3x the average life of a typical Buna stator design.

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