Case Studies

Die Allweiler Baureihe RG reduzierte die Stillstandzeiten und Wartungskosten für die Entsorgung von Faulschlamm im Klärwerk Duisburg-Kasslerfeld.

The Allweiler chemical standard pumps with magnetic couplings deliver leak-free pumping with an extended service life for Kao Chemicals GmbH in Germany.

The Allweiler RG Series reduced downtime and maintenance costs for discharging digested residual sludge at the Duisburg-Kasslerfeld sewage plant.

The gargantuan task of building the world’s longest tunnel only happens with the help of engineering marvels. Read our new case study detailing the jobs of each Allweiler pump that is at the core of the tunnel boring machines excavating the Brenner Base Tunnel through the Alps.

CIRCOR Americas Engineered Systems responded with an integrated fuel-injection system designed and built specifically for the power generation marketplace.  By packaging the equipment into one unit, CIRCOR was able to deliver more value – and added profitability – to Mitsubishi.

When two separate sewage treatment plants on the border of Germany and Poland decided to combine their operations into a new facility more than 10 years ago, the primary requirement for pumping was clear: create a solution with low Total Cost of Ownership...

The Flerzheim cooperative sewage plant in Germany's Rhine-Ruhr region was looking for a better way to handle raw sludge - and at the same time optimize its operations to cut the facility's energy expenses and maintenance costs...

Numerous production processes depend on pumps for the movement of heat-transfer oils. When selecting a pump, operator safety and system stability are the top considerations, followed closely by maximum uptime and low operating costs.

Find out how one of our channel partner representative's, Martell Associates in New England, found the perfect Zenith gear pump to improve manufacturing efficiencies for our customer who is a leading expert in the global market for automotive noise vibration harshness solutions.

Die an die Kao Chemicals GmbH in Deutschland gelieferten magnetgekuppelten Allweiler Chemiepumpen ermöglichen eine leckagefreie Förderung bei gleichzeitig verlängerter Standzeit.

Optifix is the latest refinement to Allweiler progressing cavity pumps that have been used successfully in sewage plants internationally for decades.  Find out how this new product kept MIDEWA water company up and running continuously and with high reliability for more than one year in continuous operation.

Allweiler PC Pumps deliver reliable and disturbance-free operation since 1993.

The Cologne-Stammheim sewage plant sought stators made from a material that significantly extended the service life of their pumps, even when pumping highly abrasive liquids.

Das Klärwerk Köln-Stammheim suchte Statoren aus einem Werkstoff, der die Standzeit ihrer Pumpen auch bei der Förderung stark abrasiver Flüssigkeiten deutlich verlängerte.

Die Optifix-Pumpe ist eine Weiterentwicklung der seit Jahrzehnten international in Kläranlagen erfolgreich eingesetzten AllweilerExzenterschneckenpumpen.  Erfahren Sie, wie dieses neue Produkt MIDEWA water company über mehr als ein Jahr im Dauerbetrieb kontinuierlich und mit hoher Zuverlässigkeit am Laufen gehalten hat.

Allweiler Exzenterschneckenpumpen ermöglichen seit 1993 einen zuverlässigen und störungsfreien Betrieb.

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