Recovery Process

There are variety of pumps used in the recovery process of a pulp and paper plant. The type of pump recommended depends on the recovery step and the solids content of the product. Liquids moved in this section of the plant include black liquor‚ tall oil‚ white liquor and green liquor.

In the recovery process‚ black liquor is evaporated multiple times to increase the solids content. In the first evaporation stage‚ rosin soap rises to the surface and is skimmed off. This soap is further refined into tall oil. In the second evaporation stage‚ evaporation occurs to raise the solids content and is then returned to the recovery boiler where it is burned. Progressing cavity pumps are commonly used in this section because of the solids content and abrasiveness of the liquid pumped.

Tall oil is the processed rosin soap from black liquor. Typically‚ three screw and two screw pumps are used in this section of the process.

Green liquor is the resulting solution of sodium carbonate and sodium sulfide. This liquid is mixed with calcium oxide to regenerate the white liquor used in the pulping process. Because of the solids content and liquid abrasiveness‚ progressing cavity pumps are recommended for this section.

Following the transformation of green liquor to the white liquor‚ transfer pumps are used to move the white liquor back to the pulping process. Progressing cavity pumps are commonly used here.

Series Max Flow Rate
Max Flow Rate
Max Discharge
Pressure PSIG
Max Discharge
Pressure Bar
Allweiler ADP/ADBP 3 10 169 12
Allweiler ANP/ANBP 11 42 226 16
Allweiler AFP 12 47 85 6
Allweiler AE.N-RG 132 500 282 20
Allweiler SEFBP 177 670 141 10
Allweiler AEB.H.ZE 198 750 338 24
Allweiler AEB.H-RG 449 1‚700 508 36
Allweiler SETP 621 2‚350 141 10
Allweiler AEB.E-IE 766 2‚900 226 16
Allweiler AE.H-ID 766 2‚900 353 25
Allweiler TecFlow 819 3‚100 226 16
Allweiler AE.E-ID 1‚981 7‚500 226 16
Allweiler AE.N-ID 1‚281 4‚850 353 25
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