Chemical Dosing

The process of chemical dosing can be found in different chemical process segments. In some or most cases‚ the accuracy‚ reliability of the pump is a critical issue since it determines the aesthetics and/or functionality of the product. The Zenith external gear pumps are the common pump used in this application as well as the Allweiler branded Peristaltic Pumps.

External Gear Pumps– CIRCOR Zenith branded pumps utilize an intermeshing gear system that rotates within a housing. As the gears rotate‚ a void is created drawing the material into the pump. The tight operating tolerances of the gears and available material options for the housing provide significant advantages in fiber‚ polymer processing‚ adhesives‚ paints‚ and food markets.

Series Flow Range Maximum Pressure
9000 Series 0.16 – 27‚000 cc/min 2‚500 psi
B Series 0.16 – 200 cc/rev 3‚000 psi
H Series 0.16 – 200 cc/rev 4‚000 psi
Flushable 1‚800 cc/min 700
Planetary 144cc/min/stream 7‚200 psi

Peristaltic Pumps – In a peristaltic pump‚ the pumped volume is bound by the inner surface of the flexible tube and product volume is contained between two contact points of the rotor and the inner surface of the tubing. Peristaltic pumps are used to meter thin to highly viscous liquids‚ pasty‚ neutral or aggressive‚ pure or abrasive liquids‚ gaseous liquids or liquids that tend to foam and even liquids with fibrous and solid components.

Series Flow Range Maximum Pressure % Solids Permitted
by Volume
AllMove ASL Up to 1.2 m3/h 4 bar 25%
AllMove ASH Up to 60 m3/h 16 bar 50%
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