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Allweiler OptiFix Easy Maintenance PC Pump

Allweiler OptiFixDesigned for multiple pump series and featuring incredibly fast disassembly and reassembly, the OptiFix offers best-in-class mean time to repair. Learn more

Increase Oil Production up to 70% with Multiphase

Increase oil productionMultiphase pumping systems can increase oil production by up to 70% in your mature fields while extending well life and decreasing costs. Learn more

Installing the CM-1000 on the Maersk Drury

Maersk Drury videoGo behind the scenes as our team installs the CM-1000 intelligent seawater cooling system on the Maersk Drury, en route from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Watch video

Allweiler EMTEC-C Pumps

Allweiler EMTEC-C PumpsBuilt with the very best materials and featuring difference-making technology, the EMTEC-C is an easy-to-maintain three-screw pump that offers precise and efficient performance along with unbeatable reliability. Learn more

Allweiler SNA Pumps and Systems

ALLFUEL marine pump insertA Plug-and-Play Solution. Engineered to last, this series is built to API 676/682 guidance and allows skid builders to offer flexible solutions, cost-effective pricing and reasonable delivery times to their customers. Learn more

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Allweiler PC Dosing Pumps
The next-generation Allweiler AEB-DE dosing pump series combines proven and long lasting features from our trusted industrial pump range with optimized rotor and stator geometries for the utmost in accurate metering. But the added value this new series offers sets a new bar for flexible connectivity. Learn more

Allweiler EMTEC-C Pumps
EMTEC three-screw pumps excel at moving chips and particles away from cutting surfaces both precisely and efficiently. And with its incredibly durable construction‚ it’s a level of performance will stand up to even the harshest environments. Learn more

Hydraulic Elevator Pump Data Book
If it’s time to give your reliability a lift, the Imo 3D and 4PIC pump series are for you. With a total cost of ownership that’s lower than competitors’ elevator pumps and over a half-century of reliable performance, Imo pumps are engineered to exceed expectations. Learn more

Designed to stand up to even the most demanding of environments, our redesigned Allweiler centrifugal pumps are tailored to meet the unique needs of the commercial marine industry, whether it’s a smaller footprint or easier maintenance. Learn More

Allweiler Pumps Help Excavate the World’s Longest Tunnel
The gargantuan task of building the world’s longest tunnel only happens with the help of engineering marvels. Read our new case study detailing the jobs of each Allweiler pump that is at the core of the tunnel boring machines excavating the Brenner Base Tunnel through the Alps. Learn more

CIRCOR Product Catalog
Find out how CIRCOR is serving our customers with a full line of pumps and engineered systems‚ plus global expertise to develop the best solutions for any application. Learn more

Calculating Fluid Viscosity Accurately for Positive Displacement Pumps
Pumps & Systems features an article by CIRCOR senior design engineer Tim Jones about two- and three-screw pumps for hydrocarbon applications where flow or pressure demands change frequently, or even occasionally, on any given day. In “How Positive Displacement Pumps Handle Viscosity,” find out why accurate viscosity calculations are crucial in manufacturing a pump that will perform as expected in this scenario. Learn more

Allweiler OptiFix Progressing Cavity Pumps
Designed for multiple pump series and featuring incredibly fast disassembly and reassembly, the OptiFix offers best-in-class mean time to repair. Learn more

Aftermarket Services and Spare Parts
With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, no one has more insight or expertise to keep your pumps running at peak efficiency than our experienced team with brands like Allweiler, Imo, Houttuin and more. Learn more

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