Primary Treatment

The primary wastewater treatment stage or stations‚ includes all stations associated with initial entry of the waste‚ solids processing and the recirculation from final treatment. These stations are considered upstream of the sludge treatment stations.

Upon entry‚ large tanks also known as primary clarifiers are equipped with mechanical scrappers that move the waste activated sludge towards a hopper in the base of the tank where it is pumped downstream for treatment. The CIRCOR Allweiler branded progressing cavity pumps (also known as hose or peristaltic pumps) move the untreated sludge downstream for treatment‚ filtration‚ etc. and sized according to the flow of the primary clarifier. In addition to the expected flow rates and pressure‚ in any application using a progressing cavity or hose pump‚ the chemical composition and expected temperatures are important factors as they influence the stator or tubing within the pump type.

On the recirculation line from the final treatment basin‚ Allweiler branded propeller pumps and progressive pumps are used to move waste back through to the start of the sludge treatment station. Particularly propeller pumps are used to move high volume fluid and have a specially designed blade inlet contour that is insensitive to contamination and fibers.

Hose or Peristaltic Pumps:

Series Flow Range Maximum Pressure % Solids Permitted by Volume
AllMove ASL Up to 1.2 m3/h 4 bar 25%
AllMove ASH Up to 60 m3/h 16 bar 50%

Progressing Cavity Pumps:

Series Flow Range (gpm) Maximum Pressure on Discharge (psi)
Allweiler OptiFix   141
AEB 765 230
ADP‚ ADBP 11 175
AE.N-RG 198 275

Propeller Pumps:

Series Flow Range Maximum Head Discharge Pressure
Up to 50‚000 m3/h 12m 6 bar
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