Rotary and Positive Displacement Pumps

The table below provides an initial introduction to the Rotary or Positive Displacement pump types that CIRCOR offers in this market segment. Click on the Pump Type link to learn more about the specific pump as well as download brochures or product technical specifications.

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Product Type Two-Screw Three-Screw Progressing Cavity/Hose
Featured Applications:
  • Powerhouse/Unloading
  • Digesting/Black Liquor
  • Pulp/Thick Stock
  • Powerhouse/Fuel Oil Transfer
  • Powerhouse/Seal Oil
  • Powerhouse/Lubrication Oil
  • Digesting/Machinery Support
  • Paper Machine/Machinery Support
  • Paper Machine/Hydraulic Power Units
  • Wastewater/Sludge Processing
  • Wastewater/Polymer Additives
  • Pre-Pulp/Lime Slurry
  • Digesting/White Water
  • Digesting/Green Liquor
  • Digesting/Tall Oil
  • Digesting/Lignen Transfer
  • Digesting/Acid Transfer
  • Digesting/Neutralized Liquid
  • Digesting/Caustic
  • Digesting/Solids Removal
  • Pulp/Sludge Processing
  • Pulp/Starch System Cooker
  • Coating Kitchen/Coating Additive
Max Flow Rate: 16‚500 GPM 1‚400 GPM 3‚170 GPM
Max Discharge Pressure: 1‚650 psi 1‚450 psi 1‚392 psi


Product Type Metering
Featured Applications:
  • Powerhouse/Boiler Feed Chemicals
  • Wastewater/Polymer Additives
  • Pulp/Additive Injection
  • On Machine Coating/Hot Melt Additives
Max Flow Rate:  
Delivered Head:  
Additional Information: Product Warehouse Application Datasheet

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