Ball Mill Lubrication

Many mines or electric generating stations require raw minerals to be ground and pulverized for final processing. This process can be achieved through one of the different types of ball mills used – SAG Mill‚ Ball Mill‚ Rod Mill and Double Ended Ball Mill included. In these applications‚ a lubrication system provides cooling‚ lubrication and lift to the trunion bearings.

The lubrication of this equipment is critically important as well as very expensive and challenging due to environmental considerations. CIRCOR provides three screw pumps and engineered systems for ball mill lubrication.

Series Max Flow Rate
Max Flow Rate
Max Discharge
Pressure PSIG
Max Discharge
Pressure Bar
ACE 44 166 150 10  
3E 100 279 150 10  
3G 210 795 250 17  
D4 277 1‚050 2‚322 160  
ACG/UCG 315 1‚180 225 16  
Alllub RUV 343 1‚300 224 16 Vertical installation
3D 400 1‚514 500 34  
6D 400 1‚514 1‚500 103  
3L 400 1‚514 150 10  
SM 579 2‚170 1‚692 120  
SN 1‚000 3‚800 500 34  
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