Fuel Oil Transfer

Although natural gas is the common fuel for power generation in a mine‚ there are a range of fuels that a mining facility can burn to generate power. Fuel oil transfer pumps are used to transport oil either from an oil tanker (truck or ship) to a holding tank. Some storage systems use a day tank that holds about a day’s worth of “treated” fuel; the larger untreated fuel would be left offsite. Transfer pumps are needed to keep the day tank supplied as well as move oil from one tank to another.

Our experience shows that when fuel is allowed to sit in a rail car‚ tank truck‚ etc. the viscosity of the fluid can increase. This change results in increased input torque requirements and potentially affect the delivered product. In positive displacement pumps‚ the delivered flow will increase and in centrifugal pumps that amount delivered will decrease. It is important when sizing your pump to consider the properties of the fluid‚ pressure‚ supply and operational objectives as well as your expected environmental conditions.

Common pumps used in these applications include two screw‚ three screw and centrifugal.


Series Max Flow Rate
Max Flow Rate
Max Discharge
Pressure PSIG
Max Discharge
Pressure Bar
Warren Jaguar Series 40 150 1‚000 69  
Warren GTS Series 100 375 300 20  
J-30X 40 200 1‚000 69  
Warren 360 FSXA 350 1‚325 1‚300 90  
Warren 655 FSXA 630 1‚385 1‚300 90  
Warren 1250 FSXA 1‚200 4‚540 1‚400 97  
Warren 2030 FSXA 1‚900 7‚190 1‚200 83  
Houttuin 211.10 2‚158 8‚167 224 16 Vertical construction - double entry
Warren GTS 208 2‚700 10‚200 600 41  
Warren 3830 3‚700 14‚000 1‚200 83  
J-80X 4‚800 18‚170 400 28  
Warren GTS 400 6‚000 22‚700 300 20  
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