In cases where pump systems will see frequent or consistent gas volume fractions above 50% a multiphase system should be considered. Because of this dynamic‚ multiphase systems are used primarily in Production settings and have also been used in Terminals and Refineries. In a Production setting‚ Multiphase Systems add hydraulic energy to the unprocessed production stream in order to generate higher flow rates over longer distances making greater pressure drops and longer tie-backs possible before separation.

The CIRCOR multiphase system has been modularized to provide you with adaptable features that meet requirements of various applications and environments. Moreover‚ CIRCOR Multiphase systems can be stacked in parallel creating additional flow beyond individual units.

Pumping Modules Power Supply Module Power Distribution and Control Unit
  • Inlet flange/Filter strainer
  • Twin screw pump combination/Prime mover‚ gas or electric motor
  • Piping system with valves
  • Outlet flange
  • Power transformer with primary and secondary protection system
  • Diesel generator with auxiliaries
  • Gas generator with all auxiliaries
  • Single or dual execution
  • Power distribution and protection for pump and motor(s)
  • Variable speed drives
  • Dedicated PLC based protection and control system
  • Operator interface unit including trending facilities
  • Fire and gas alarm unit
  • Remote monitoring control facility

For interrupted pump availability and flow assurance‚ we recommend multiple pump operation.

The charts below provide an outline of performance for the models available.

MR Series

Product Type Theoretical Flow Rate - BPDe (m3/hr) Theoretical Pressure - psi (bar)
MR 150 39‚000 (259) 580 (40)
MR 200 75‚000 (486) 580 (40)
MR 250 225‚000 (1‚501) 580 (40)
MR 350 250‚000 (1‚650) 580 (40)
MR 400 400‚000 (2‚700) 580 (40)

Download the MR Series Brochure

MRX Series

Product Type Theoretical Flow Rate - BPDe (m3/hr) Theoretical Pressure - psi (bar)
MRX 150 39‚000 (259) 580 (40)
MRX 200 75‚000 (486) 580 (40)
MRX 250 225‚000 (1‚501) 580 (40)
MRX 350 250‚000 (1‚650) 580 (40)
MRX 400 400‚000 (2‚700) 580 (40)

Download the MRX Series Brochure

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