Mature Well Development


The customer came to CIRCOR with the need to increase production and apply well pressure control in a mature well. In this mature field development example‚ CIRCOR Multiphase pumping systems delivered significant results across all metrics for the pilot program‚ including a return on investment in just 49 days.

Mature well system


  • API: 34°C‚ Flow: 1150 m3/h
  • GVF: operating 98.5%‚ slugs up to 100%
  • Suction pressure: 1 bar
  • Discharge pressure: 8 bar
  • Ambient temperature: 35°C


  • 1x MR-250 con 2 filters & VFD
  • Full recirculation with knockout vessel
  • Temperature controlled liquid reinjection
  • Remotely accessed automated controls


  • Oil production increase: 80%
  • Net gas production increase: 100+%
  • Gas injection reduction: 50%
  • Return of investment: 7 weeks

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