Field Gathering

Field Gathering

The routing of the raw‚ unprocessed crude oil from the wells to the main storage facility‚ processing plant or shipping point is managed by the Field Gathering network. There are two types of gathering systems: radial and trunk line. The radial type brings all the flowlines to a central header‚ while the trunk-line type uses several remote headers to collect fluid. The latter is mainly used in large fields. The pipelines that comprise a Field Gathering network are usually smaller in nominal diameter and overall length as compared to high-flow‚ cross-country shipping pipelines‚ with the oil being transported typically containing higher percentages of sand‚ water and/or evolved gas. Depending on the distance between the production wells and the upstream delivery point‚ and the viscosity and composition of the fluid being managed‚ a reasonable pressure boost from the Field Gathering line pumps may be demanded to overcome the friction losses.

As experience bears out‚ Field Gathering systems have their challenges. The crude oil managed by the Field Gathering pumps is often times contaminated with solids‚ produced water‚ salts and waxes‚ typically requiring blending with condensates to stay with the maximum allowable working pressure limits of the gathering lines. The remote locations of the gathering line booster stations demand highly dependable equipment that can support operation at a wide range of flow rates‚ due to the changing output from the field. Also‚ the pumping solutions selected must be efficient since electrical power must be generated locally at a premium.

Have you considered the value of using rotary PD pumping technology?

Upstream facility managers and operators around the globe have realized that volumetric‚ rotary PD pumps are something they can capitalize on in these services. Having a machine that can reliably handle variable inlet and outlet conditions with non-homogeneous‚ gas-laden (sour and sweet)‚ and contaminated‚ viscous process fluids is critical. These strengths‚ coupled with the tremendous turndown flow capabilities of rotary PD pumps‚ make them an ideal fluid-conveying solution for your Field Gathering systems.

Suitable pump types:

Progressing Cavity PumpsTwo-Screw Pumps and Three-Screw Pumps

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