Pipeline Re-injection

Pipeline Re-injection

To aid the end user's operations and maintenance staffs‚ each pipeline booster station is equipped with a Pipeline Re-injection system. The functions served by this equipment are twofold: to provide a collection point for any process fluids that are drained from the Mainline Shipping pumps during normal operation‚ planned maintenance or an unplanned failure; and to provide a means for safely re-introducing these collected fluids into the main pipeline‚ thereby avoiding the need for mobilizing a vacuum truck to extract the drainage from the collection sump.

As experience bears out‚ Pipeline Re-injection systems‚ although small in makeup‚ can have their challenges as well. Due to the high reliability of Mainline Shipping pumps‚ re-injection pump systems will generally be employed intermittently. The fluids collected over time in the drain sumps often age. Water‚ oil and solids‚ due to their differing densities‚ separate with the crude oil‚ becoming more viscous due to lower ambient temperatures. This phenomenon occurs within the pump internals as well. The pump system therefore must be designed to handle the necessary breakaway torque to overcome the additional viscous drag on the rotor(s). The shaft sealing arrangement of the pump must also be simple‚ while being robust enough to avoid damage during start-up. When the system is initiated by the user‚ the pumps will need to self-prime in a high suction lift condition‚ since no vacuum priming system will be available at the booster station. Ideally these re-injected fluids‚ due to their potential makeup‚ should be re-introduced downstream of the mainline shipping pumps to avoid damaging critical wear surfaces with a fluid stream laden with abrasive solids. To achieve this end‚ the re-injection pumps must be capable of pushing the collected fluids into the transportation line at pressures greater than full pipeline pressure.

Have you considered the value of using rotary PD pumping technology?

Midstream facility managers and operators around the globe have realized that volumetric‚ rotary PD pumps are something they can capitalize on in these services. Having one machine that can efficiently transport heavy‚ medium and lightweight oils with high pressure boost capabilities‚ while at the same time delivering a near constant‚ pulse free flow rate‚ provides the system control and reliability that end users demand. These strengths‚ coupled with the tremendous turndown flow range of rotary PD pumps and their inherent high suction lift capability‚ make them an ideal fluid-conveying solution for your Pipeline Re-injection systems.

Suitable pump types:

Two-Screw Pumps and Three-Screw Pumps

Pipeline Drainage Reinjection Solutions

Better Reinjection Solutions.

With its PVD hardened internal surfaces‚ the Emtec-A® design in our reinjection systems handles particulates and delivers extended operation with a minimum amount of maintenance.


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