Suction Booster

Suction Booster

At the initiating point of a main pipeline‚ crude oil is unloaded from temporary‚ above ground storage tanks. Prior to its delivery to the pumps installed at the initiating booster station‚ the crude oil often travels through a custody transfer meter‚ which accurately measures the volume of the crude oil provided by the end user. The accuracy of this meter is very much dependent on the velocity of the fluid delivered to it‚ so Suction Booster pumps play a very vital role at the start of the transportation process. Monitoring the contributed flow rate provided by an individual user is critical since the crude oil is often being uploaded into a common carrier pipeline further downstream of this location‚ where crude oil from several clients is batched or commingled. The elevated pressure contributed to the system by the Suction Booster pumps also provides the necessary NPSH / NPIP required by the pumps installed at the initiating booster station of the pipeline.

As field experience bears out‚ Suction Booster systems have their challenges. The crude oil‚ if allowed to sit in storage for too long‚ can see a significant increase in fluid viscosity. For the booster pumps this will result in increased input torque requirements being demanded by the pumps‚ due to additional viscous fluid drag on the rotating assemblies. Assuming the NPSH / NPIP requirements of the pumps can still be satisfied‚ the delivered flow rate will be impacted. In the case of centrifugal pumps it will be reduced. In the case of positive displacement pumps it will increase‚ which seems almost counterintuitive. The other main challenge Suction Booster pumps face is potential vortexing of air into the suction header feeding the pump when stripping out a storage tank. This is due to inadequate submergence of the takeoff connection fitted to the side of the tank below the tank liquid level.

Have you considered the value of using rotary PD pumping technology?

Midstream facility managers and operators around the globe have realized that volumetric‚ rotary PD pumps are something they can capitalize on in these services. Having one machine that can efficiently transport heavy‚ medium and lightweight oils with high pressure boost capabilities‚ while at the same time delivering a near constant‚ pulse free flow rate‚ provides the system control and reliability that end users demand. These strengths‚ coupled with the tremendous turndown flow range of rotary PD pumps and their inherent high suction lift capability‚ make them an ideal fluid-conveying solution for your pipeline Suction Booster system.

Suitable pump types:

Progressing Cavity PumpsTwo-Screw Pumps and Three-Screw Pumps

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