Tank Blending

Tank Blending

Prior to exporting, some of the fluids temporarily stored at the tank farm will be made use of for blending operations. Lower-quality, off-spec crude oils may be upgraded to improve their marketability by mixing them with premium oils of greater value, or several fluids may be combined together to suit the design specification of a regional, downstream client. To perform these tasks Tank Blending pump systems are required to accurately meter in the prescribed volume(s). Working alongside this equipment are circulating systems, either mixers or pumps, to ensure that the blended fluids are consistently commingled. At a predetermined time, based on the fluid volumes involved, a terminal operator will take a sample of the blended mixture for analysis by the on-site quality assurance lab to ensure that the desired product has been achieved.

Effective blending is nearly a petroleum science, where process control is vital to operational profitability. System pressures and their corresponding system head resistance will vary during these tasks, challenging operators to maintain control of the blending rates handled by the fluid-conveying systems. Pumping equipment not able to tolerate low flow rate excursions will struggle with poor Mean Time Between Failures (MTBFs).

Have you considered the value of using rotary PD pumping technology?

Terminal managers and operators around the globe have realized that volumetric, rotary PD pumps are something they can capitalize on in these services. Having one machine that can efficiently transport heavy, medium and lightweight products simplifies the number of pieces of fluid-handling equipment required at these facilities. Controlling the rotary PD pumps with an adjustable speed drive allows operations to be performed in a "timed" manner without the need for flow control valves, eliminating the need for the recirculation of surplus process fluid. This reliable system control method takes full advantage of the tremendous turndown flow range of rotary PD pumps and their inherent high suction lift capability, making them an ideal fluid-conveying solution for performing Tank Blending.

Suitable pump types:

Progressing Cavity Pumps, Two-Screw Pumps and Three-Screw Pumps

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