Offshore Well Development


The customer came to CIRCOR with the challenges of an offshore installation‚ including the need for a minimal footprint and remote‚ unmanned station. CIRCOR Multiphase pumping systems addressed these challenges with a subsea production manifold. As a result‚ the customer’s offshore wellhead has performed for over a year to date‚ with no failures and associated lost operational time.

Offshore platform


  • API: 40°
  • Liquid flow: 9000 bpd
  • Gas flow: 25 MMSCFD
  • CVF: 97%
  • Pressure differential: 3 bar
  • Ambient temperature: 15 C to 40 C


  • 2x MR-250 (1 for redundancy) & VFDs
  • Offshore design and construction standards
  • Full recirculation with knockout vessel
  • Temperature controlled‚ external liquid recirculation
  • Remote‚ unmanned stations


  • 1 year to date‚ no offshore well failures or associated lost operational time.

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