three-screw Pumps

Three-screw Pumps

Allweiler® and IMO®. The world's most trusted three-screw pumps.

Built with quality parts and unmatched expertise, our pumps deliver a level of reliability
that's made them an industry standard.

Our reputation is over 90 years strong.

For nearly a century, companies like yours have depended on our pumps for increased uptime, less hassle and a lower cost of ownership.

Three-Screw Solutions You Can Count On.

We offer a wide range of three-screw pumps to fit your specific needs.

Three-Screw Product Line Organized by Liquid Pumped:

Markets & Applications

Our reliable and efficient three-screw pumps are excelling in a number of industries.

No matter the market, no matter the application, we have the right three-screw pump solution for you.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Want to find out more about our three-screw pump models and how they apply to your situation?

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Three-screw pumps

Three-screw Brochure

The Imo and Allweiler lines of three-screw pumps and systems deliver the features that matter most to you. Longer life‚ lower pressure ripple‚ lower contamination sensitivity and maximum energy savings result in the highest “Total Savings of Ownership” across the entire life-cycle of your pumping equipment solution.

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Three-screw advantages

The Many Advantages of Three-Screw Pumps

CIRCOR’s Ian White and Henrik Wikström explain in World Pumps why three-screw pumps can optimize performance and efficiency in a broad spectrum of applications while delivering benefits across a very long lifecycle. Article used with permission and published in the November/December 2017 issue of World Pumps.

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Three Gorges Dam case study

Three Gorges Dam Case Study

When the largest hydroelectric power station in the world needed reliable pumps that could handle frequent pressure variations, they turned to CIRCOR and the Allweiler SN three-screw pump.

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Pumps in the West case study

Pumps in the West Case Study

For over 40 years, some of the worst conditions in Canada haven't stopped CIRCOR pipeline pumps.

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ALLWEILER ALLFUEL Series Specifications


Information for ALLFUEL Series pumps.

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ALLWEILER EMTEC Series Specifications


EMTEC three-screw pumps excel at moving chips and particles away from cutting surfaces both precisely and efficiently.

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ALLWEILER EMTEC Series Specifications


Allweiler OptiFix Exzenterschneckenpumpen sind so konzipiert, dass sie in einem Bruchteil der üblichen Zeit demontiert und wieder zusammengebaut werden können.

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ALLWEILER SM Series Specifications


Information for SM Series pumps.

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ALLWEILER SN Series Specifications


Information for SN Series pumps.

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ALLWEILER Trilub TRL Series Specifications

ALLWEILER Trilub Series

Information for Trilub Series pumps.

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IMO 3D Series Brochure

IMO 3D Series

Information for 3D Series pumps.

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IMO 3E Series Specifications

IMO 3E Series

Information for 3E Series pumps.

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IMO 3G Series Specifications

IMO 3G Series

Information for 3G Series pumps.

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IMO 4SFC/4VKC Series Specifications

IMO 4SFC Series

Information for 4SFC Series pumps.

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IMO 4T/4U Series Brochure

IMO 4T Series

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IMO 4SFC/4VKC Series Specifications

IMO 4VKC Series

Information for 4VKC Series pumps.

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IMO 6D Series Specifications

IMO 6D Series

Information for 6D Series pumps.

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IMO 6T/6U Series Specifications

IMO 6U/6T Series

Information for 6U/6T Series pumps.

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IMO 8L Series Specifications

IMO 8L Series

Information for 8L Series pumps.

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IMO 12D Series Specifications

IMO 12D Series

Information for 12D Series pumps.

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IMO 12L Series Brochure

IMO 12L Series

Information for 12L Series pumps.

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IMO C323F Series Specifications

IMO C323F Series

Information for C323F Series pumps.

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IMO C324A Series Brochure

IMO C324A Series

Information for C324A Series pumps.

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IMO Elevator Series Data Book

IMO Elevator Series

Information for Elevator Series pumps.

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IMO T324N Series Specifications

IMO T324N Series

Information for T324N Series pumps.

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IMO UCF Series Specifications

IMO UCF Series

Information for UCF Series pumps.

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IMO UCG Series Specifications

IMO UCG Series

Information for UCG Series pumps.

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