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ALLDUR® stators extend pump life and lower your Total Cost of Ownership

A stator’s chemical formula determines how long the elastomer will last and, therefore, how much you will spend on maintenance and spare parts. This savings, or extra expense, will be a factor over the life of the pump and can significantly impact your operation and your total cost of ownership.

With this in mind, CIRCOR developed the new ALLDUR® formula specifically to maximize durability and efficiency for industrial wastewater applications.

High durability
Best in class abrasion qualities for pumping liquids
with abrasive solids.
Ready for dynamic loads
High resistance against even dynamic mechanical loads,
ALLDUR stators recover from deformation caused by solids
by assuming their original shape and size.
High impact resilience
Solids that impact the elastomer are repelled
without causing damage.
Low compression set
Even long periods of downtime will not result in permanent
deformation of the stator elastomer at the sealing lines.
Good liquid resistance
No or only marginal swelling, brittleness, contraction,
or hardness alteration.
High tear-growth
Even stators that receive localized damage can stay in service
without the condition worsening.
Wide temperature range
ALLDUR stators offer reliable and economic pumping
of liquids from -22°F to +212°F (-30°C to 100°C)
High-aging resistance
The elastomer can stay in service for years without
maintenance or replacement.
Rotors from Allweiler
Allweiler Rotor
When used with ALLDUR stators, Allweiler rotors can increase
the service life of progressing cavity pumps in wastewater
applications even more. The rotor design is hollow-bored or
hollow-cast, which reduces centrifugal force. And utilization of
hardened tool steel for the base material prevents penetration
of the chrome layer, even when pumping coarse solids.

Case Study

Cologne-Stammheim sewage treatment plant

Cologne, Germany

Patented ALLDUR stator material has been undergoing long-term durability tests at Germany’s large Cologne-Stammheim sewage treatment plant since December 2012, where Allweiler pumps are used for thick sludge, among other uses.

Two identical pumps, one with a standard stator and another with ALLDUR, were tested while pumping thick sludge from a thickening machine. Capacity was measured at regular intervals under a variety of pressures and speeds over thousands of hours for each rotor stator combination.

The Results

The test results confirmed ALLDUR’s characteristics a superior stator material.

Results from Cologne-Stammheim prove ALLDUR stators offer superior longevity compared to standard stators

Output:Hours chart

With the ALLDUR® stator, capacity had dropped only marginally with a flat reduction of the capacity values. The test pumps conveyed abrasive thick sludge with approximately 6 % dry substance; capacity ranged from 5 to 10 m3/h with a discharge pressure of 8 to 12 bar.

Pumps equipped with a standard stator exhibited a continual linear loss of capacity, with replacement required at the 2,746 hours maintenance interval. However, ALLDUR stators did not require replacement until the 16,203 hours maintenance interval—5.9 times the life of standard stators used in industrial wastewater applications.

Compatibility with Other OEM Pumps

Take advantage of lower Total Cost of Ownership from ALLDUR even if your industrial pump is manufactured by a different OEM. When a stator replacement is required, use ALLDUR instead of standard stators to increase service life. Please contact us using the form on the right to discuss ALLDUR compatibility with other OEM progressing cavity pumps.

ALLDUR stators are compatible with the following installations:


Compatible with CIRCOR Progressing Cavity Pumps, including:

  • AE (B)-E / N / H / V
  • All-Optiflow®
  • Tecflow®
  • AE.N-RG
  • AE-Z
ALLDUR Stator video

ALLDUR Stator Video

ALLWEILER progressing cavity pumps with ALLDUR stators

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Alldur Stators are extremely wear-resistant and developed for ALLWEILER progressing cavity pumps. Download our brochure for product details, specs and other important information.

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Stammheim case study

Revolutionary Materials Result in Long-lasting Stators

The Cologne-Stammheim sewage plant sought stators made from a material that significantly extended the service life of their pumps, even when pumping highly abrasive liquids. Download Now


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