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CIRCOR is a recognized leader in the manufacture of positive displacement pumps and related technology. Our ability to provide fluid handling solutions to our clients through industrial pumps‚ injection pumps‚ transfer pumps and others has us partnering with global firms and regional operators. Through our Allweiler‚ Houttuin‚ Imo‚ Tushaco and Warren brands‚ CIRCOR is the world leader in design‚ manufacture and application of rotary screw pumps‚ including two screw‚ three screw and progressive cavity pumps. Zenith and Tushaco precision gear pumps are used in critical metering applications found in the global chemical and polymer processing markets. Through the Allweiler and Tushaco brands‚ CIRCOR provides specialty centrifugal pumps used in marine engine room and chemical processing applications.

What sets CIRCOR apart is our comprehensive portfolio of pumping and fluid handling equipment and technologies‚ enabling us to meet the needs of customers in demanding applications around the world. In total‚ CIRCOR delivers a breadth of product technologies and a depth of unmatched expertise in Two-Screw Pumps‚ Three-Screw Pumps‚ Progressive Cavity Pumps‚ Gear Pumps‚ Pump Skid Packages and Specialty Centrifugal Pumps.

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