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For trusted brands, industry expertise, world-class service and full range of pump technologies, CIRCOR Pumping Technologies marks the spot. You can count on us to be your single global resource — even in the world’s most harsh and isolated environments.

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On the open seas or in the shipyard‚ commercial marine
professionals rely on us for high-performance fluid
transfer across a wide variety of shipboard applications.

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Case Study

Find out how a three-person team installed the CM-1000 Intelligent
Controller aboard the Maersk Drury in just 3 days.

Installing the CM-1000

Energy savings up to 85% Allweiler | Houtuin | Imo

Navies and military installations have been placing
their trust in us for more than 70 years.

Defense ship
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Positive Displacement Pump Testing Capabilities

We now offer a Vibration Isolated Test Stand in Mumbai,
India to help navies meet the stringent international standards
set for positive displacement pumps.

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From 1/2 dozen of suppliers to one Allweiler | Imo | Tushaco | Warren

From chemical processing to food and beverage, we have
industrial solutions for your most difficult problems.

Industrial plant
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Case Study

When two separate sewage treatment plants decided
to combine operations, we helped them achieve the
low TCO they were looking for.

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4.3 million cubic centimeters of wastewater. 10 years of operation. 0 disturbances. Allweiler | Houtuin | Imo | Warren

Whether you produce, transport, store or refine crude oil,
we have the information, tools and expert resources you need.

Pump room
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Case Study

For more than 20 years, our multiphase pump systems have been used
to increase oil production, extend well life and decrease overall costs.

Why Choose Multiphase Pumping?

Increase oil production 70% Allweiler | Houtuin | Imo | Warren

Count on our broad portfolio of expertly applied pumps
and systems to maintain performance and operate safely,
even under the most rigorous conditions.

Power plant
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Case Study

CIRCOR and their distribution partner provide Indonesia’s
first super-critical power plant with a complete
sump pump package.

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API certified Allweiler | Houtuin | Imo | Warren

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