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CIRCOR Product Catalog
Find out how CIRCOR is serving our customers with a full line of pumps and engineered systems‚ plus global expertise to develop the best solutions for any application.

CIRCOR Product Catalog - Chinese (中文)
Find out how CIRCOR is serving our customers with a full line of pumps and engineered systems‚ plus global expertise to develop the best solutions for any application.

CIRCOR Produktkatalog
Erfahren Sie‚ wie CIRCOR seine Kunden mit einer kompletten Baureihe von Pumpen und technischen Systemen sowie weltweitem Know-How zur Entwicklung der besten Lösungen für jede Anwendung unterstützt.

CM-1000 Series Brochure
CIRCOR has designed the CM-1000 to operate sea water pumps only as fast as needed for prevailing conditions and to provide exactly as much flow for cooling as needed. As temperature conditions change on the freshwater side‚ the CM-1000 reacts by varying the speed of electric motors and pumps on the sea water cooling system accordingly‚ using only the speed - and energy - required to provide optimal cooling conditions. This effectively reduces hydraulic loads and enhances the lifetime of equipment.

CM-1000 Series Brochure - Russian (русский)
Контроллер CM-1000 для насосов морской воды производства CIRCOR разработан таким образом‚ чтобы обеспечить максимальную скорость и оптимальный объем перекачки для обеспечения функции охлаждения в существующих условиях работы. По мере изменения температурных условий на пресноводной стороне‚ CM-1000 нужным образом изменяет скорость электродвигателей и насосов системы охлаждения морской воды‚ используя только скорость и энергию‚ необходимые для обеспечения оптимальных условий охлаждения. Это эффективно снижает гидравлические нагрузки и увеличивает срок службы оборудования.

CIRCOR Commercial Marine Market Brochure
CIRCOR is redefining what's possible in Commercial Marine‚ collaborating with ship owners and operators like you to develop the best fluid-handling solutions.

CIRCOR Commercial Marine Product Catalog
Whether on the open seas or in the shipyard‚ you need confidence in the reliability of your ship's pumps and fluid-handling systems. CIRCOR delivers to meet your needs‚ bringing more than 70 years of experience and expertise in commercial marine.

CIRCOR Cargo Handling Systems
CIRCOR is redefining what’s possible in efficient cargo handling with optimized solutions that provide the highest levels of reliability‚ efficiency and longevity at the lowest total cost of ownership. You and your team can work with our specialists‚ people who understand your business challenges and the marine industry.

ALLFUEL 第 2 代泵组件。
随着法规的增加和需求的不断增长,您需要越来越多的泵系统。 ALLFUEL第2代泵组件提供高效的性能,可以在短时间内卸下或安装。 保持最佳的系统性能-您从未想过如此简单。

ALLFUEL Einschubeinheiten Der 2. Generation
Zunehmende Regulierungen und steigende Nachfragen wirken sich auch auf Ihre Description: Pumpensysteme aus. ALLFUEL Einschubeinheiten der 2. Generation bieten eine hohe Leistungseffizienz und können in einem Bruchteil der sonst üblichen Zeit entfernt oder eingebaut werden. Nie war es einfacher‚ die Höchstleistung Ihres Systems dauerhaft zu erhalten.

ALLFUEL Generation 2 Pump Inserts
With increased regulations and growing demands‚ you need more and more from your pump systems. ALLFUEL Generation 2 Pump Inserts deliver efficient performance and can be removed or installed in a fraction of the time. Maintaining peak system performance has never been easier.

Designed to stand up to even the most demanding of environments‚ our redesigned Allweiler centrifugal pumps are tailored to meet the unique needs of the commercial marine industry‚ whether it’s a smaller footprint or easier maintenance.

ALLMIND: Monitoring and Control in One Unit
Your system will work efficiently and continuously without production downtime‚ unscheduled repairs‚ or high energy and maintenance costs. ALLMIND continuously monitors the status of your pumps‚ notifies you of irregular operating conditions so the potential for damage is quickly eliminated‚ and possesses the intelligence needed to operate your pump with maximum energy efficiency.

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