Oil Tanker Vessels

Oil tankers‚ like those you operate‚ keep the world’s primary sources of energy and chemicals moving from point-of-production to processing facilities around the globe. So you need liquid cargo handling solutions that can maximize turnaround time.

Roll over the dots below to learn about CIRCOR solutions for Oil Tanker Vessels.

Oil Tanker vessels
  • Boiler Room

    • Hot Water Circulation
    • Condensate Transfer
    • Thermal Oil Circulation
    • Thermal Oil Filling
    • Boiler Feed
    • Fuel Oil Booster Burner
  • Engine Room

    • Cooling Water transfer (Sea and Fresh)
    • Cooling Water Filling
    • Bilge Transfer
    • Bilge Stripping
    • Oily Bilge Transfer
    • Ballast Handling
    • Fire Fighting (Emergency)
    • Technical Fresh Water Supply
    • Water Spray
    • Sprinkler
    • More...
  • Cargo Space

    • General Cargo
    • Liquid Mud Pump
    • Liquid Mud Mixer
    • Ethanol
    • Drill Water
    • Oily Water
    • Base Oil
    • Brine
    • Fuel Oil
    • Fresh Water
  • Deck Machinery

    • Hydraulics
    • Water Transfer
    • Winches Lubrication
    • Fire Fighting Water Transfer
    • Cooling Water Transfer
    • Power Pack Circulation (equipment‚ complete unit)
  • Propulsion

CIRCOR is in sync with your commercial marine challenges. We understand that handling sensitive products such as crude oil and its byproducts‚ edible oils‚ flammables‚ chemicals and hazardous/toxic liquids‚ plus high-temperature and highly-viscous cargoes is an art in itself. You know and trust our brands – Allweiler‚ Houttuin‚ Imo – to deliver a complete range of pump technologies for turnkey operation in the most demanding tanker applications. And we back those brands with a team of global experts provides innovative technologies and solutions to maintain smooth pumping operations with a minimum of maintenance to decrease life cycle costs and reduce downtime.

It’s our goal to keep your vessel’s pump room operating at top efficiency. The fact that we can deliver parts‚ provide service and technical expertise round the clock‚ anywhere in the world‚ means you can count on CIRCOR in the most demanding operations on the sea.

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