Chemical Metering

CIRCOR Pumps and Systems in Power Generation Applications

There are multiple chemical metering applications within power plants. In all applications high quality materials and requirements on sealing are high. CIRCOR is able to support your application with materials and sealing options that meet your environmental requirements. Two sample applications include –

Organometallic Magnesium Injection:

In combustion plants that use a heavy fuel or ash forming oils for combustion such as blends‚ crude and residual oils‚ a vanadium corrosion inhibitor like organometallic magnesium (Mag-Oxide) is injected into the fuel which prevents the high temperature corrosion in gas turbines caused by vanadium. Crude oils and heavy residual fuels usually contain organic vanadium which is extremely corrosive to the hot gas path of the turbine. Vanadium is not present in liquid fuels in a water soluble form and cannot be removed through the washing process.

Three Mag-Oxide additives are commonly employed in this process‚ magnesium sulfonate‚ magnesium oxide and magnesium sulfate. The final decision is largely dependent on the economics of the system and the amount of vanadium present in the fuel.

CIRCOR brand Zenith metering pumps are the choice for this application.

Flow rates up to Pressures to up to Max Fluid Temperature CIRCOR Brand‚ Series & Pump Type
31 m^3/h
69 bar
1000 psi
Zenith B-9000
Metering Gear
8.3 GPH 98 bar
1500 psi
Zenith B Series
Metering Gear

Water Treatment:

In steam plant and combined cycle plants‚ boiler feed water is treated to ensure that the ph is neutral. This minimizes the effects on the steam turbine. Chemical treatments are site specific and can be either with a base or acid solution. Chemical metering applications also include pumping algaecides and corrosion control chemicals into condenser cooling water.


Flow Rates up to Pressures to up to Max Fluid Temperature CIRCOR Brand‚ Series & Pump Type
240 m^3/h
1057 GPM
25 bar
362 psi
Allweiler ALLCHEM
105 m^3/h
462 GPM
25 bar
362 psi
Allweiler ALLMAG

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