ISOPur™ Balanced Charge Lubrication Purification
ISOPur™ Balanced Charge Lubrication Purification systems‚ a critical part of CIRCOR’s Reliability Services portfolio‚ reduces lubricant system contaminants. ISOPur protects against sludge and varnish buildup in high-performance‚ mission-critical equipment‚ achieving filtration levels unattainable by conventional filtration or centrifugal systems.

LubriMate® Miniaturized Environmentally Clean Lubricator
LubriMate® applies premium synthetic lubricating oil and increases bearing life up to 6 times. It lubricates up to five application points‚ and the only utility required is dry compressed air.

LubriMist® Oil Mist Generators
LubriMist® Oil Mist Generators from CIRCOR’s Reliability Services provide an efficient‚ centralized facility lubrication system that continuously provides the correct volume and quality of lubricant to machinery bearings and rotating equipment.

LubriMist® IVT
The IVT Oil Mist Generator is for large-scale‚ fully automated systems in process units in which maximum control/monitoring‚ interface with DCS and reliability are required. It has up to 933-bearing-inch capacity and is offered in both cold- and hot-weather packages.

MistLock™ Bearing
MistLock™ from CIRCOR’s Reliability Services is a breakthrough in oil mist lubrication technology‚ an ideal solution for Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger (ACHE) applications. MistLock brings all of the benefits of oil mist to ACHE bearings and motors while eliminating 100% of stray mist that could result in fouling of heat transfer characteristics.

Pre-Engineered Lube Oil Systems
These all stainless steel units are ideal for new projects and replacements/upgrades. Oil cooling/temperature control can be maintained using water or air‚ meaning that the PE-LOS can be used for remote applications where only electrical power is available.

Pre-Engineered‚ Air-Cooled Lubricating Oil Systems
The air-cooled PE-LOS is ideal for new projects when cooling water is not available. It features flow rates from 1-12GPM and an eletric motor driven air heat exchanger.

Pre-Engineered‚ Water-Cooled Lubricating Oil Systems
The water-cooled PE-LOS is ideal for new projects and replacements/upgrades. It features flow rates from 1-12GPM and a 36 or 60 gallon reservoir.

SSV Controller Board with Programmable Logic Control
Upgrading your current SSV controllers with a new programmable logic controller is an easy and affordable way to get a huge upgrade in monitoring capabilities without replacing your whole system.

ThermoJet® Oil Purification Systems
ThermoJet® Oil Purifiers provide an advanced and effective method of purifying industrial lubricants‚ hydraulic oils and similar fluids.

ThermoJet® G3000
The unique air/gas stripping technology employed by the ThermoJet® Oil Purifier makes it practical and efficient—allowing the ThermoJet® Oil Purifier to outperform centrifuges‚ coalescers and the more complex vacuum dehydration systems.

ThermoJet® H2000
The ThermoJet® H2000 Oil Purifier is designed for the Hydrocarbon Processing industry.

ThermoJet® H4000
ThermoJet® Oil Purifier is a state-of-the-art‚ on-line industrial oil-purification system that removes free‚ emulsified and dissolved water and light hydrocarbons from industrial lubricants and hydraulic oils.


Audit Services for Lubrication Systems
CIRCOR’s Reliability Services begins begins with a comprehensive assessment of lubrication systems‚ a vital step for creating a custom reliability roadmap that optimizes your facility’s performance. Our lubrication specialists review existing information‚ conduct interviews with your team and observe current practices‚ focusing on 12 elements.

Bearing and Return Line Flush
This turnkey solution from COT-PURITECH™ consists of a complete hot oil flush of individual bearings and related piping. As a result‚ you spend less time on routine maintenance‚ and more time keeping operations running profitably.

Emergency Water and Particulate Removal
Count on COT-PURITECH™ to immediately remove the contaminants that have entered your operating system. By doing so‚ you’ll minimize component damage quickly‚ without affecting production.

Fuel Oil Filtration Services
To make sure your equipment operates at peak performance‚ the filtration experts at COT-PURITECH™ can provide a comprehensive analysis of your fuel distribution – from transport delivery to use.

Heat Transfer System Flush
The presence of oxidation and carbon buildup in your heat transfer systems can severely compromise process efficiencies. This is especially true for large‚ integrated heat transfer systems in process industries such as chemical plants‚ asphalt plants‚ and paper mills‚ as well as general manufacturing such as rubber and plastics plants. Fortunately‚ the flushing experts at COT-PURITECH™ can help.

Initial Fill Filter Cube
Designed with the lubricating oil distributor or end user in mind‚ COT-PURITECH’s Initial Fill Filter Cube simplifies the process of new oil delivery while ensuring target ISO Cleanliness Codes are achieved in a single pass.

In-Plant Lubrication Services
CIRCOR’s Reliability Services puts puts lubrication experts on-site to guide and protect your facility and team through sensitive lubrication issues‚ helping to optimize equipment performance reliability.

Leakage Oil Reclamation
CIRCOR’s Reliability Services provides cost-effective green solutions for facility lubricant reclamation‚ as well as reclamation equipment rentals‚ through our on-site COT-PURITECH℠ services.

Oil Analysis
Oil Analysis services from CIRCOR’s Reliability Services helps keep your equipment in peak operating condition for ongoing reliable performance at your facility. Our lubrication specialists focus on the overall health of your oil‚ with an eye on potential contamination and machinery wear.

Oil System Flushing Services
CIRCOR’s Reliability Services is there for you when system flushing is critical to maintain productivity and protect your equipment. Our COT-PURITECH℠ Oil System Flushing Services provide bottom line improvements.

Pall Varnish Filter Removal Unit
The Pall VRF Unit is ideal for lowering the MPC levels of turbine oils in active systems where extensive varnish deposits are not yet present.

Point of Lubrication
Our Point of Lubrication services include a complete review of your facility's lubrication and relubrication methods and schedules. We review cycle times. And because it's imperative that you're using the proper lubricant – and at the right levels – we examine your lubrication practices for each piece of rotating equipment.

Quench Oil Reclamation
Quench oil reclamation service starts with the establishment of proper used oil collection and segregation guidelines. The used fluid is then reclaimed on-site and carefully assessed for continued use in your heat-treating operation.

Reclamation Equipment Rental
COT-PURITECH™ provides a variety of purification skids on a short or long-term basis‚ allowing you to continue operations while addressing your contamination issues.

Seal Pot Flushing and Cleaning
Cleaning of mechanical seal pots and their associated piping should always be done prior to start-up and commissioning‚ and on existing pumps that have their seal piping modified. On new pumps this work is done concurrently with cleaning and setting of mechanical seals.

Storage and Handling
At CIRCOR’s Reliability Services‚ we understand lubrication maintenance is not as simple as just having the right lubricant on hand. It’s also about what happens to that lubricant while waiting to be used.

At CIRCOR’s Reliability Services‚ we understand that the reliable operation of your rotating equipment is integrally linked to your lubrication team. Our approach to Training services is to build on the existing strengths of your team and to focus on enhancing skills in areas that need improvement to establish best practices in lubrication at your facility.

Varnish Removal Flushing Services
The presence of varnish and/or carbon buildup in your lubrication system can severely compromise equipment reliability. Fortunately‚ the flushing experts at COT-PURITECH™ can help. To correct this problem we offer Varnish Removal Flush of the lubricant circulation system following recommendations from us‚ your OEM‚ or your lubricant supplier.

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