For Marine Engineers

Learn about engine room configuration using Allweiler pumps.

CIRCOR’s technical experts have accumulated the following pumping tips and recommendations through years of field experience.

Filtration used to protect rotary, positive displacement pumps is an important element for maximizing pump life and minimizing maintenance expense. Many systems using rotary pumps require a level of liquid cleanliness far different than the pump itself.

Find answers to common questions about the impact of low-sulfur fuel regulations on pump performance.

How much, if at all, mechanical seals do, must or must not leak is a controversial subject for which there are few clear answers. This document is intended to clarify what to expect on mechanical seals found in CIRCOR® products.

Certain types of pumps and, therefore, specific pumping principles are most ideally suited to minimizing total cost of ownership for particular pumped liquids and pumping processes. Having the proper dimensions is also of critical importance. In each case the objective is to achieve a pumping process with the lowest possible TCO.

At CIRCOR we’re focused on delivering Total Savings of Ownership, by reducing the overall costs – capital, energy, maintenance – to own and operate a crude oil transport system over its lifetime.

When handling viscous liquids, shear sensitive liquids or flow/pressure requirements outside of centrifugal pump ranges, rotary, positive displacement pumps provide reliable, efficient, economic solutions. Sealless rotary pumps are available in an everwidening range of configurations.

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