Case Studies

M/V “NKT Victoria,” one of the world’s most advanced cable-laying vessels, needed a partner they could rely on from start to finish. They equipped the ship with Allweiler’s three-screw, centrifugal and progressing cavity pumps as well as bilge ejectors and piston pumps.

Die Allweiler Baureihe RG reduzierte die Stillstandzeiten und Wartungskosten für die Entsorgung von Faulschlamm im Klärwerk Duisburg-Kasslerfeld.

The Allweiler chemical standard pumps with magnetic couplings deliver leak-free pumping with an extended service life for Kao Chemicals GmbH in Germany.

The Allweiler RG Series reduced downtime and maintenance costs for discharging digested residual sludge at the Duisburg-Kasslerfeld sewage plant.

The gargantuan task of building the world’s longest tunnel only happens with the help of engineering marvels. Read our new case study detailing the jobs of each Allweiler pump that is at the core of the tunnel boring machines excavating the Brenner Base Tunnel through the Alps.

In the first few weeks of continuous operation, the company recorded an approximate 70% increase in oil production and a 50% reduction in injected gas, with production returning to levels about the desired 500 bpd. Payback on the investment occurred in under two months. CIRCOR estimates eight years of extended well life.

As part of their manufacturing process, a leading producer of special bar quality steel utilizes oxygen supplied to the melt furnace to accelerate scrap meltdown. After replacing damaged piping, they needed the two-inch and three-inch piping located downstream chemically cleaned and flushed to bring it up to specification standards in order to help ensure safe operation.

A commitment to building green, sustainable vessels that save energy and perform efficiently was at the forefront of China Navigation Company’s plans for eight new 31,000 deadweight “S” Class multipurpose vessels scheduled to launch in 2013.

CIRCOR and their local distributor secured and delivered an order for 15 sump pumps on Indonesia’s first super critical power plant. Quality, performance, delivery time and local support were all critical elements of project execution.

French oil company Maurel et Prom needed to install a new series of pumps capable of transporting viscous oil from one of its oil-field production plants to a refinery more than 145 kilometers (km) away. Normally that would be challenge enough, but in this case the distance between the field and the refinery covered some of the harshest landscapes in all of Africa...

A major oil-tanker operator discovered its existing fuel oil pump system could not meet new environmental regulations for ships entering European ports designated in emission-controlled areas (ECAs).  CIRCOR understood the regulations and responded...

Moving heavy, sand-laden crude oil through its pipelines had always been a tough challenge for a large oil producer located in Venezuela. Because of high levels of basic sediment and water (BSW) in the crude oil, the company’s mainline transfer pumps would gradually lose capacity and require rebuilding every three to four months. These frequent, major repairs resulted in costly downtime, and the company tasked its reliability engineers with finding a solution.

A major Southeastern U.S. electric utility was experiencing excessive maintenance requirements on pumps initially supplied by a competitor for the lubrication (lube) oil system on its General Electric (GE) 7F gas-turbine fleet. Premature failing of the pumps' bearings was determined to be the root cause....

CIRCOR Americas Engineered Systems responded with an integrated fuel-injection system designed and built specifically for the power generation marketplace.  By packaging the equipment into one unit, CIRCOR was able to deliver more value – and added profitability – to Mitsubishi.

When two separate sewage treatment plants on the border of Germany and Poland decided to combine their operations into a new facility more than 10 years ago, the primary requirement for pumping was clear: create a solution with low Total Cost of Ownership...

The Flerzheim cooperative sewage plant in Germany's Rhine-Ruhr region was looking for a better way to handle raw sludge - and at the same time optimize its operations to cut the facility's energy expenses and maintenance costs...

In August 2014, CIRCOR Fluid Handing Reliability Services was contracted to devise a plan to flush multiple new piping systems on a new tension leg platform under construction in Texas.

For over 40 years, some of the worst conditions in Canada haven’t stopped CIRCOR pipeline pumps.

VT Shipbuilding found itself faced with a complex and cumbersome list of suppliers, including an array of sources for vital pumping equipment. That meant a two-fold challenge: to streamline its supplier list, yet still ensure that the company had quick access to quality pumps...

To maintain their competitiveness in China, the fluids-handling giant needed to reduce their investment in inventory. Alfa Laval needed to serve their Asian customers from Asia. However, Alfa Laval was determined to stay with CIRCOR, due to our product quality and unrivalled client service, and we did not let them down...

Maintenance personnel from a chemical company in Brazil approached CIRCOR’s Reliability Services to discuss contamination problems in the lubrication systems of their centrifugal compressors in their plant ethylene units. Reliability Services conducted a training seminar outlining best practices in flushing procedures and were awarded the contract for Turnaround services due to their extensive experience and vast technical knowledge.

As container ships pass through world regions and climates, seawater for cooling can undergo great temperature variations. In this issue of The Motorship you can read how Hapag-Lloyd retrofitted 23 vessels with our CM-1000 speed-controlled cooling water pumps and achieved noteworthy energy savings.

As container ships pass through world regions and climates, seawater for cooling can undergo great temperature variations. In this issue of The Motorship you can read how Hapag-Lloyd retrofitted 23 vessels with our CM-1000 speed-controlled cooling water pumps and achieved noteworthy energy savings.

A Major Middle Eastern Oil Company planned to build a refinery including a new Propane Deasphalting (PDA) Unit. The required charge pumps would be required to operate with a suction pressure less than atmospheric pressure, medium range discharge pressure, high temperature, constant output and variable viscosity. The manufacturer was also required to demonstrate techncial support and repair capabilities for future service and spare parts supply.

Die an die Kao Chemicals GmbH in Deutschland gelieferten magnetgekuppelten Allweiler Chemiepumpen ermöglichen eine leckagefreie Förderung bei gleichzeitig verlängerter Standzeit.

With CIRCOR MR-250 pump series, project engineers choose active management of wellhead pressure to economically boost multiphase flow in enhanced oil recovery phase.

VARD, the Norwegian shipbuilder and designer of offshore and specialized vessels, chose CIRCOR’s Allweiler AS to equip a new fleet of module carrier vessels for service on inland waterways. VARD needed a partner with the technical competence to develop a new solution for handling ballast operations efficiently and with the utmost reliability.

A leading manufacturer of axles and wheels was installing new hydraulic unit piping for a blast furnace in their manufacturing plant. This piping required a pre-commissioning chemical cleaning and high velocity flush.

Gentle pumping action, with low turbulence and minimal mixing of the pumped liquid, is important in many fields of industry. Power plants, for example, contain applications where this characteristic is essential.

Customer satisfaction leads to complete lubrication services for refining facility.

Allweiler PC Pumps deliver reliable and disturbance-free operation since 1993.

The Cologne-Stammheim sewage plant sought stators made from a material that significantly extended the service life of their pumps, even when pumping highly abrasive liquids.

Das Klärwerk Köln-Stammheim suchte Statoren aus einem Werkstoff, der die Standzeit ihrer Pumpen auch bei der Förderung stark abrasiver Flüssigkeiten deutlich verlängerte.

A strong commitment to conservation and the environment led ship owner Reederei Stefan Patjens GmbH & Co. K. G. to retrofit one of its 5,000 TEU container ships – the Maersk Drury – with a new marine industry innovation. The Drury was recently equipped with CIRCOR’s Smart Technology CM-1000 Series intelligent controller for sea water cooling systems.

Can an oil refinery needing to pick up rail unloading speed while lowering its own embedded energy costs accomplish the twin goals with one solution? For a PADD 1 refinery, the answer, partnering with CIRCOR, was a resounding “yes.”

When the largest hydroelectric power station in the world needed reliable pumps that could handle frequent pressure variations, they turned to CIRCOR and the Allweiler SN three-screw pump.

Allweiler Exzenterschneckenpumpen ermöglichen seit 1993 einen zuverlässigen und störungsfreien Betrieb.

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