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Upgrade to an Original Allweiler® Pump

Upgrade to ALLWEILER Until December 31, EMEA customers can receive a free replacement stator when they replace their pump with an ALLWEILER progressing cavity pump. Learn more

Increase Oil Production up to 70% with Multiphase

Increase oil production Multiphase pumping systems can increase oil production by up to 70% in your mature fields while extending well life and decreasing costs. Learn more

Installing the CM-1000 on the Maersk Drury

Maersk Drury videoGo behind the scenes as our team installs the CM-1000 intelligent seawater cooling system on the Maersk Drury, en route from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Watch video

ALLFUEL Generation 2 Pump Inserts

ALLFUEL industrial pump insertWith its revolutionary single-unit design, ALLFUEL pump inserts can be installed or removed in 1/3 of the time, keeping expensive downtime to a minimum. Learn more

Surpassing Cleanliness Specs in Ethylene Units

Brazil case studyOur Reliability Services team provided training and implemented procedures to help a Brazilian chemical company surpass cleanliness specs in plant ethylene units. Learn more

Increased regulations don’t have to mean increased downtime.

ALLFUEL marine pump insertLower sulfur level requirements in marine gas oil are causing your pumps to work harder. Fortunately, with ALLFUEL Generation 2 pump inserts, maintaining them is easy. Learn more

New Resources

The Many Advantages of Three-Screw Pumps
CIRCOR’s Ian White and Henrik Wikström explain in World Pumps why three-screw pumps can optimize performance and efficiency in a broad spectrum of applications while delivering benefits across a very long lifecycle. Article used with permission and published in the November/December 2017 issue of World Pumps. Learn more

2017 Ship of the Year Well-Equipped for Its Cable-Layer Mission
M/V “NKT Victoria,” one of the world’s most advanced cable-laying vessels, needed a partner they could rely on from start to finish. They equipped the ship with Allweiler’s three-screw, centrifugal and progressing cavity pumps as well as bilge ejectors and piston pumps. Learn more

Zenith Metering Systems Capabilities
Whether you’re spraying, blending or injecting your fluid material, accurate additive delivery is vital. Learn more about Zenith’s engineered solutions, various applications and wide range of equipment packages. Learn More

Aftermarket Services and Spare Parts
With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, no one has more insight or expertise to keep your pumps running at peak efficiency than our experienced team with brands like Allweiler, Imo, Houttuin and more. Learn More

CIRCOR Two-Screw Pump Solutions
Our Houttuin™ and Warren® two-screw pumps set the standard for dependability, efficiency and performance. Learn more about our two-screw product line including applications, specifications and successful installations. Learn More

Mechanical Seal Leaks and Condition Monitoring
Mechanical seals are controlled leakage devices, not zero leakage devices. Read our new article, “The ABCs of Mechanical Seal Leaks and Impact on Thermal Fluid Operations,” and learn about the role of condition monitoring in helping MRO professionals gauge the fitness of the pumps on which seals perform their critical function. Learn More

7 Tips for Choosing a Metering Gear Pump
Take advantage of our expertise as a leading gear pump OEM, and get your system right from the start. Read CIRCOR Pumping Technologies’ Robert Limper and Emmett Sellers, P.E. on how to achieve accurate fluid delivery and service reliability in “7 Tips for Choosing a Metering Gear Pump" in a recent issue of Pumps and Systems. Learn more

SSV Controller Board with Programmable Logic Control
Our SSV controller board with programmable logic controller delivers a major upgrade in monitoring without major downtime for installation. Learn more

ALLFUEL Generation 2 Pump Inserts
With increased regulations and growing demands, you need more and more from your pump systems. ALLFUEL Generation 2 Pump Inserts deliver efficient performance and can be removed or installed in a fraction of the time. Maintaining peak system performance has never been easier. Learn more

CM-1000 Delivers Reduced Consumption, Savings to Hapag-Lloyd
In this issue of The Motorship you can read how Hapag-Lloyd retrofitted 23 vessels with our CM-1000 speed-controlled cooling water pumps and achieved noteworthy energy savings. Learn more

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